Phase 2 - Isolation - 2

Posted by lumy on Tue 07 July 2020 Updated on Tue 07 July 2020

Covid and Garage

So while they annonced in france that we would be confine the next monday (it was a friday night), my van was in a garage, would not open on saturday or sunday.

With no way to get it back and I have tried many time during confin time, but there was nothing to do.

It was a long break from working on the van, so few had been made and it was really pissing me of.

By the and of the confin time around may, I got back my van, with some details on what would need a repair, but again unlucky time. The garage doesn’t fully work, and they have too many clients.

They simply told me to pass by in a month.


Cork mats

Van Van This is not the funniest part, it took some time to setup the cork mats on every metal part. and has you can see i have left few part without woods cleat, few reasons for that.

Van Van Van Van First the doors, has i wasn’t sure yet of how I would do them, i didn’t spent that much time on it yet, and my side door still needed to be fixed (wasn’t totally straight so it wouldn’t close unless you forced it which wasn’t very good).

Van Van Van Van Second my ‘capucine’ (it’s the part above the driving spot), I’m not sure if I’m closing it with doors or just curtain (that would close also the window behind the driving spot).

Mineral Wool

I added mineral wool, that I covered later with some multi-layer insulation.

Van Van Van Van Van As you can see there is two cable going down, there are my solar panel + and - cables. One things you should already have at this point, is a pretty clear idea of where is going to be the electrical panel.

Multi-layer Insulation

So it was then the turn for the multi-layer insulation, and trust me, it’s a pain in the ass all along. most people used a wall stapler to staple the multi-layer insulation to the cleats, I personally decided i would put them behind so i would still see them for the last part. I dunno which is better.

Van Van Van As you can see there screwed, and the screw in the multi-layer insulation was grabbing every layer and making a node of it. Really horrible and hard part. I’m not sure i was use multi-layer insulation again. Van Van Van Van Van Van Van Van


At last, I cutted some wood panels to do the walls.

Van Van Van Van

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